What Kind of Industrial Fans in Canada are Better for Your Process and Plant

To determine which industrial fans in Canada are best for your process and plant, you have to first consider the different types and their specific uses. With knowledge, you can then work with top industrial fan suppliers in Canada to ensure that you make the right selection.

Clean Air Axial Fans

If you need spot cooling for internal components of machinery in areas with limited space, clean air axial fans are ideal. These fans are available in several sizes, and they also come in different voltages and cubic feet per minute ratings. Whether the spot cooling is for computers, industrial controllers, photocopy machines, or something else, these fans are the perfect solution.

These fans are designed in such a way that air is directed across an axis component while moving in a linear direction. Air is forced by the blades, which moves parallel to the shaft used for rotating the blades. Although there are multiple environments for clean air axial fans, they are most commonly found in manufacturing and engineering facilities.

Centrifugal Fans

Industrial fan suppliers in Canada also offer centrifugal fans, which work differently from axial fans. Unlike axial fans that blow air parallel to the shaft, the air produced by centrifugal fans moves away from the blades. Based on the specific application, the blades of centrifugal fans can be straight or forward or backward curved. While blades curved backward tend to be more efficient, those with a forward curve are self-cleaning.

High Capacity Fans

High-capacity fans are the preferred option to cool large spaces in plants, as some fans are capable of circulating air throughout an entire warehouse. Regardless of the environment, if you need a significant amount of air moved, this is the best solution. In addition to moving air, these higher capacity fans work to cool spaces down, making them ideal for congested plants.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the application, it is important to always choose fans made by top axial flow fans manufacturers. That way, you have the assurance that the fans are built correctly and that companies like American Coolair and ILG Products will stand behind every fan engineered and manufactured with a solid guarantee.

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