What are FRP Fans?

FRP is the acronym for “Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic” so in the case of FRP fans, these units are designed for corrosive air movement applications. Depending on the model, the construction might include a backward curved wheel and have a controlled construction of lamination. With this, the fan would comply with current industry specifications. Typically to create a spark-resistant product, more layers of graphite impregnation and corrosion resistant cloth are added.

Markets for FRP Fans

There are different markets that use FRP fans, one being semiconductor manufacturing. For this industry, different corrosive and toxic materials are used during fabrication. In addition, prior to chips being assembled, different acids are used to clean the metals and throughout various stages of manufacturing, corrosive gases and acids are needed, the most common being phosphoric acid, ammonia, hydrofluoric acid, and hydrochloric acid.

For semiconductor manufacturing and most other industries, to be efficient and achieve success, it is vital that all systems run continually. However in doing so, workers could be at risk. In this situation, the facility where manufacturing occurs must have proper ventilation. Without proper venting, workers are exposed to acids and chemicals that could pose a significant health risk.

The great thing about FRP fans is that they offer the level of ventilation needed for semiconductor manufacturing and other industries, as well as applications. In addition, these fans have a solid reputation for providing years of service without fail and with very little maintenance needed. Because of this, people can work in a safe environment and there is little operation downtime.

Additional Industries

Beyond the semiconductor manufacturing industry, FRP fans work well for other industries with examples listed below:

• Chemical Process
• Clean Rooms
• Fertilizer
• Fibre Optics
• Metal and Metal Finishing
• Mining
• Pharmaceutical
• Plants

Keep in mind that FRP fans are designed to be corrosion resistant. Because of this, the fans are designed so no steel parts are ever exposed to air, resin is specially formulated for resistance to chemicals that are corrosive, and there is a resistant top coat so any surface exposed to UV rays is automatically stabilized against degradation. It is also possible for FRP fans to have a synthetic cloth layering when used for extremely harsh applications.

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