The Way Gas Humidifiers Work

There are two primary types of gas humidifiers, flow-through and reservoir, both operated on natural or propane gas. With a flow-through type, water flows through the unit and then drains out while for a reservoir type a reservoir or water is used while a rotating drum introduces moistures as needed. There is also a steam humidifier, but the other two types are more commonly used.

The nice thing about using a flow-through humidifier is without standing water in the reservoir there is no risk for the growth of bacteria. This type of humidifier can also be connected to the hot air supply or air return duct as preferred, using a supply take-off duct that bypasses heated air to the humidifier by using natural pressure. Regardless of the type of gas humidifier, moisture from water is introduced and then evaporated into the warm air stream.

Design and Features of Gas Humidifiers

Although all gas humidifiers work in much the same way, there are differences based on the exact model purchased. However, it is important to choose a humidifier from a reputable company, one that has a wide modulation range, high capacities, and easy servicing.

For example, there are gas humidifiers that offer capacities that range from 110 to 810 pounds of steam per hour. As for modulation, some range between 10 pounds an hour to maximum. It is also important to purchase a unit with the highest combustion efficiencies, which is 83% HHV. The drain water should be tempered below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat exchanger should feature an automatic scale removal process, and servicing and cleaning should take no more than five minutes to complete.

Innovative gas humidifiers offer additional features such as an anti-foaming system, digital display, multiple communication capabilities, exchanger that is aluminum cast coated, external electronic water level float, complete top and bottom access, fully modulating gas valve, and remote monitoring capability.

Various Applications

Gas humidifiers are used in a wide range of industries and for numerous applications. Some examples of applications for heaters that operate on natural or propane gas include:

  • Clean rooms.
  • Churches.
  • Hospitals.
  • Libraries.
  • Museums.
  • Operating rooms.
  • Photography laboratories.
  • Printing.
  • Schools.
  • Steam baths.

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