Radial Fans

At NISCO, we understand how easy it is to get confused about fans. With so many different options, you want to avoid purchasing the wrong product. As part of our product line, we have several top-quality fans, blowers, and other industrial and commercial products. Included in this are radial fans.

The difference between radial fans and conventional centrifugal fans is the blade orientation. Because the design of these fans includes backward curved blades, businesses typically use them for handling combustion air. Due to their ruggedness and capability, these fans are perfect for harsh environments. Because the blades curve away from the rotating direction, these fans move a massive volume of air. However, these fans also help cool air in large spaces. With a 90-degree change of airflow, these fans are not just beneficial, but for many applications, required.

The radial fans that we offer at NISCO are top-of-the-line. Perfectly manufactured by some of the best companies in North America, these fans are resilient, durable, and powerful enough to move a significant amount of air. The fans that we provide are also easy to clean and maintain, which is a huge bonus. Not only does this prevent high costs for ongoing maintenance, but it also prevents downtime that would negatively impact your business operations.

All of our radial-style fans at NISCO have a solid design that guarantees high resiliency. For these fans as well as other products that we offer, our prices are affordable. Ultimately, you get a high-quality product at a competitive price. Although everyone benefits from this combination, it is particularly useful for startup businesses and those on a tight budget.

NISCO Radial Fans

The following are the radial fans that we offer at NISCO:

  • Compact GI Fans – Maximum CFM 2,400, SP 14, temperature 600
  • Series 20 GI Fans – Maximum CFM 76,000, SP 22, temperature 1,000
  • Series 30 GI Fans – Maximum 95,000, SP 32, temperature 1,000
  • Series 45 GI Fans – Maximum 100,000, SP 46, temperature 1,000

Although all radial fans are similar in how they perform, not all of them have the same robust design as what we offer at NISCO. All of our fans and blowers are superior quality. That means that in addition to optimal performance, our fans are durable, strong, and long-lasting. In addition to moving air, you can use our fans to move gases.

Whether you need a solution for transporting gas or materials, controlling air pollution, as part of your building’s ventilation system, or for a host of other industrial or commercial purposes, you can always count on the products that we offer at NISCO.

Radial Max CFM Max SP Max Temp
 Compact GI (General Industrial) Fans Compact GI Fans 2,400 14 600
 Series 20 General Industrial (GI) Fans Series 20 GI Fans 76,000 22 1000
 Series 30 GI Fans Exporter Series 30 GI Fans 95,000 32 1000
 Series 45 GI Fans - Radial Fans Ontario Series 45 GI Fans 100,000 46 1000

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