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As a leader in manufacturing industrial and commercial fan and blower systems, NISCO offers customers different products based on need. Among these are propeller fans, which are a type of axial fan. All of our fans, including those in this category, are professionally designed by our experienced engineering team and made from the highest quality materials, yet we keep our prices competitive.

Our propeller fans have a maximum CFM of 117,800, SP of 0.75, and temperature of 180, ideal for various applications – even those in harsher environments. Just like the available centrifugal fans at NISCO, our propeller fans are in high demand from customers around the world. With almost 30 years in the business, people know they can trust what we sell.

Instead of struggling to choose the right fan for your needs, one of our engineering experts will assist you. After listening to your concerns, identifying your goals, and receiving specific information regarding your project, a professional will guide you through the selection process to ensure you get what you need.

At NISCO, we offer different types of axial or propeller fans, including:

  • Tube Axial Fans – These are designed with a wheel inside of a cylindrical housing, which creates a close clearance between the housing and blade. That, in turn, yields improved airflow efficiency. These fans operate under high pressures between 250 and 400 mm WC, with an efficiency rate of 65 percent.
  • Vane Axial Fans – Similar in design to tube axial fans, the difference is that vane axial fans have guide vanes that direct and straighten airflow, thereby enhancing efficiency. For environments that require large volumes of airflow at moderate to high pressures, vane axial fans are ideal.
  • Propeller Fans – Although these fans typically get used to ventilate exhaust indoors, some customers use them for outdoor applications as well. Compared to centrifugal fans, the primary benefits of the propeller fans that we offer at NISCO include higher dynamic pressure, lower impeller diameter, higher specific operating speed, and higher peripheral speed. Although these fans are compact, with our innovative designs, they perform at optimal speeds and with high efficiency.

For all types of propeller fans, NISCO is your most trusted and reliable source. We follow strict standards when choosing the material and engineering our products. Our goal is to produce solutions that not just meet but exceed your expectations. With exceptional experience and unparalleled expertise, we stand behind every product offered. Contact a representative today to discuss your project.


Item Title Max CFM Max SP Max Temp
 Propeller Fans - Nisco Propeller Fans 117,800 0.75 180

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