Overview of American Coolair

American Coolair is a top-rated company that supplies ventilation products to agricultural, commercial, horticultural, and industrial markets all over the world. Since being founded, the company has strived to provide customers with excellent products at competitive prices by continuing to upgrade and replace manufacturing equipment and techniques.

Brief History of American Coolair

Officially American Coolair Corporation, the company was founded in 1928 in the state of Florida by a father and son team. Since then, several people have been at the helm, the latest Harry Graves, Sr. who is responsible for taking the company to its current level of success. In addition to overseeing the finances and bringing revolution to the sales system, Graves, Sr. created innovative bill of material and inventory control systems.

In the 1960s, American Coolair was moved into a massive office and manufacturing facility, making it possible to consolidate administration and business in one location. Then in the 1970s, American Coolair expanded its current product line and market base. After passing down tremendous knowledge, the future of the company will remain in the family with fourth generation leaders, Sara, Robert B., and Harry, Jr.

Unique Ventilation Solutions

American Coolair provides ventilation solutions for a broad range of applications. The company has a number of options specifically for poultry, dairy, greenhouse, golf, and pork. These include belt drive fans, fiberglass fans, direct drive fans, power tube fans, power roof ventilators, evaporative cooling, and more.

In addition, American Coolair provides ventilation solutions for commercial, restaurant, and industrial applications in the form of high temperature and mixed flow, axial, and centrifugal fans. These and other products are extremely durable, economical, and designed to produce optimum efficiency.

For commercial industrial axial, there are wall fans, hooded axial PRVs, upblast/recirculation fans, tube axial fans, vane axial fans, and so on. Regarding commercial industrial centrifugal, the company offers in-line centrifugal fans, gravity vents, mixed flow fans, domed centrifugal PRVs, centrifugal filtered supply PRVs, and much more.

MXF fans are in high demand because they offer high volume flow capability found in an axial fan but also pressure capabilities associated with a centrifugal fan. Again, this particular American Coolair fan is both efficient and economical.

NISCO: Offering Our Customers American Coolair Fans

At NISCO, an industry leader in commercial and industrial fans and blowers, we offer our customers two of the best brands available, ILG and American Coolair. Although both are incredible options, many customers choose American Coolair fans because of their unbeatable capabilities.

American Coolair fans are not only an exceptional choice for commercial and industrial needs but also for the agricultural and horticultural industries. For all applications, this brand is so well respected and trusted that it has become the preferred solution for businesses around the world.

In response to the increasing demand for American Coolair fans, at NISCO, we engineer the vast product line in our state-of-the-art 210,000-square foot manufacturing complex. Using only the highest quality materials, a skilled team of American Coolair employees performs the work, thereby ensuring 100 percent precision and customer satisfaction.

While there are many reasons why so many businesses around the globe rely on American Coolair fans, two include the superior quality of the ventilation products and the competitive prices. However, the fact that American Coolair continually upgrades and replaces manufacturing equipment and techniques is yet another reason for trusting its products.

Just like NISCO, which has been in the business of engineering top-of-the-line fans and blowers for almost 30 years, American Coolair has a long history as an industry leader. Since founding the company in 1928, it has revolutionized HVAC systems. What began as a small business has grown into a thriving corporation that utilizes a massive office and manufacturing facility.

All American Coolair fans boast innovative designs, giving us the incredible opportunity of providing our customers with a broad range of solutions for a host of applications. A few examples include evaporative cooling systems, power tube fans, direct drive fans, vane axial fans, in-line centrifugal fans, hooded axial PRVs, and mixed flow fans, among many others.

By working with NISCO, one of our engineering experts will guide you through the selection and buying process so that you get the right product based on your project specifications. Regardless of which of the American Coolair fans works best for your needs, you have the assurance that it will perform optimally.

Our customers trust us because we never steer them in the wrong direction. With an extensive list of available American Coolair products, we are confident that we have the perfect solution based on your specifications. For help with choosing the best fan or blower, please contact a NISCO representative today.

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