Outstanding Solutions with New York Blowers

New York Blowers is a reputable company with an outstanding history of manufacturing various fan solutions. The company was founded in 1889 and since that time, it has experienced tremendous growth. However, New York Blowers is probably best known for being a leader in the air movement industry, making it a highly trusted source.

Current Achievements of New York Blowers

Since being founded, New York Blowers has achieved many great things. Just last year, the company had a significant impact on the industry. Some of these achievements include:

  • The Open Style Pressure Blower Steel Wheel was announced, which is extremely efficient for handling material that could get hung up on a shrouded wheel design
  • The Backward Curved (BC) Pressure Blower was announced. With this new product added, the company now has the most complete line of pressure blowers available today.
  • The BC fan line was introduced, which are high volume, high pressure fans that use a high-efficiency backward curved wheel to produce flows up to 300,000 CFM.
  • The Leitchfield Plant was opened to better serve customers in the Southwest, adding it to existing Effingham and La Porte facilities.
  • MAS Air Systems, LLC was acquired, which expanded the company’s capability for high temperature fan applications. This acquisition also broadened mechanical draft fans used for heavy process industrial applications.

Fan Options

New York Blowers has a strong reputation for designing and building both fans and blowers used in various industrial and commercial applications. Compared to competition around the world, the company has one of the most complete portfolios. In fact, when it comes to air movement equipment, New York Blowers now offers thousands of type, model, and size fans.

In addition to more conventional fans, New York Blowers has a line of fans and blowers made for very special requirements. These include fans of temperatures to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, flows up to 350,000 CFM, and pressures to 85-inch WG. The company also uses different materials based on customer need to include stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and hot-dip galvanizing. In addition to materials, fans are available in several different coatings.

No matter the industry or application, there is a perfect solution available through New York Blowers.

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