Our Suppliers

Our focus is servicing Industrial and O.E.M. customers with both process fans and blowers and general ventilation Fans. Often, we can save you money by assisting with the right fan selection and the lowest energy use. Dependable & efficient fans, built to last.

Logo - American Coolair Corporation American Coolair – American Coolair is a family run ventilation systems company that’s been passed down through four generations over its 75 year history of producing high quality ventilation systems on the global market. American Coolair have an extensive product line, and produce ventilation systems for commercial, industrial, horticultural and agricultural markets throughout the world.
Logo - ILG Industries Fans and Blowers ILG Products – ILG Industries are a subsidiary of American Coolair that produce a line of centrifugal fan products that are based on a high capacity wheel design, which emphasizes performance, reliability and value that are unmatched in the current marketplace.