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For superior quality duct fans, Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) is your most respected and trusted source. Founded in 1998, we provide our customers with only the highest quality inline duct fans on the market. Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to continually improve on an already excellent process of ensuring that our customers have access to the products they need.

With years of experience and unparalleled expertise, our engineers add tremendous value to the customer’s experience by developing solid relationships with manufacturers of the most sought-after duct fans available. With a maximum CFM of 60,000, maximum SP of 2, and a maximum temperature of 350, our duct fans offer versatility for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Even in situations with restricted space, our inline duct fans perform optimally. Whether used for supply air or exhaust air, you can position the fans according to your specific needs. Made from quality materials and designed with precision engineering, the ducts fans that we provide are ideal for removing heat, dust, smoke, and fumes. However, they are also an excellent choice as a force cooler, thereby ensuring cleaner air for your work environment.

You can utilize the inline duct fans offered by NISCO in warehouses, office buildings, spray booths, enclosed garages, and a host of other environments or for any space that requires air movement through ducting, such as industrial processes, equipment ventilation and cooling, and more.

The duct fans that we offer at NISCO provide quiet operation, and due to the exchange air rates produced, they work perfectly in laboratories, libraries, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and other spaces where controlling noise is essential. Even with a quiet operation, our inline duct fans never compromise on the ability to move air in or out of various areas.

For backward inclined industrial fans, FRP fume exhausters, FRP pressure blowers, centrifugal roof ventilators, propeller fans, vaneaxial fans, tubeaxial fans, upblast roof ventilators, and a host of other products, you have the assurance that we provide only the best.

Regardless of your need, NISCO has the perfect solution. By representing some of the most reputable manufacturing companies throughout North America, we show our level of expertise and commitment. For additional information about our company and the duct fans that we offer, please contact us today.

Item Title Max CFM Max SP Max Temp
 Duct Fans Duct Fans 60,000 2 350

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