Industries and Applications that Use Pressure Blowers

Pressure blowers are designed to produce high-pressure and low-volume needed for supply and exhaust applications. These blowers offer blow-off air used to clean and dry applications for a wide range of industries.

Applications for Pressure Blowers

Many industries depend on pressure blowers, as well as various applications within those industries. These blowers are commonly used for applications such as agriculture, automotive, foundry, mining, marine, water treatment, snow making, pulp and paper, power generation, paint spray booth, and even on hazardous locations, among others.

For agricultural, different types of pressure blowers are used depending. For raw vegetable storage, panel fans are common, for grain drying and conditioning, mixed flow and vane axial fans, and for low temperature warehouse storage of packaged food products, the agricultural industry uses plenum fans. High pressure fans are benefit applications such as grain bin aeration, feed mill pneumatic grain conveying, sugar beet preservation, and flash freezing.

The automotive industry also relies on pressure blowers for various applications, which ensure durability easy maintenance, and reliability. The automotive industry uses fans for processing but also ventilation specific to air makeup systems, oven exhaust, man coolers, spray booth exhaust, and general roof ventilators.

High pressure blowers are also an important part of the mining industry. To ensure the safety of miners working below ground, proper ventilation is mandatory. To handle a job like this, blowers typically range between 72 and 144-inches in diameter and can produce between 90,000 and 350,000 CFM. Along with ventilation, for the mining industry these fans offer pressurization within the mine shaft and help control dust.

To cool mould, collect dust, remove smoke, eliminate fumes, and produce makeup air, pressure blowers are also critical to foundries. The fan can be used one direction to remove smoke, heat, and fumes but then reversed to help in the mould cooling process and supply more air.

Special Considerations

No matter the type or size of pressure blowers wanted, final choice should have a strong and durable alloy or stainless steel construction. In addition, to not disturb connecting ductwork experts recommend split housings. Other key features include opposed blade outlet dampers, integral inlet boxes, and pre-spin inlet dampers.

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