Industrial Exhaust Fan

Instead of buying an industrial exhaust fan from just any company, you have our guarantee of getting only the best at NISCO. Although we build all of our fans with precision, our inline exhaust fan in Canada remains one of the more popular solutions. As with all NISCO products, our inline exhaust fan provides optimal performance. Designed to mount on the inside of ducting or at least connected to it, this type of fan is ideal for extraction purposes.

Our inline exhaust fan made of high-quality steel provides long-lasting durability and dependability. You will also appreciate the quiet operation, high efficiency, and added pressure thanks to the backward-curved impeller. For your convenience, this fan comes with all of the necessary hardware and mounting brackets for installation.

At NISCO, we offer a heavy-duty exhaust fan with a high-efficiency motor for a seamless operation. You might also consider our industrial exhaust fan with shutter, which is the ideal solution for removing excess moisture, fumes, and odor commonly associated with industrial environments like warehouses, plants, factories, distribution centers, and more.

Our centrifugal industrial purpose fan draws air into the blower housing inlet through the wheel, which then gets discharged at the appropriate temperature out through the housing’s discharge. In comparison, our axial industrial fan has a propeller that draws in air and then discharges it in the same axial direction. Both fan types move air, although in a unique way. The best fan depends on the application.

Several factors determine the configuration of our heavy-duty exhaust fans. Some of these include the required airflow, static pressure, ambient air temperature on the outside of the fan, airflow conditions, operating altitude, or the height of the ceiling, the substance going through the fan, location, and a host of other factors.

With a broad range of fans designed specifically for industrial use, it is important to speak with someone on our sales team. After getting information from you, our expert can then make an appropriate recommendation as to the type and size of the fan required, whether a centrifugal type blower or an axial fan. Either way, NISCO’s construction, gauges, and materials are top-of-the-line.

Regardless of the environment, ceiling height, and your specific needs, at NISCO, we have the perfect solution. We stand behind every product sold and are always available to answer questions or provide information. For creating a healthy work environment while saving money, a NISCO fan is perfect.

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