Industrial Ceiling Fans

With more than 30 years of industrial-related experience, we offer the most innovative industrial ceiling fans on the market today. Experts design, develop, and test all of our products to ensure our customers’ 100 percent satisfaction. We never compromise on the quality of workmanship or the materials used, allowing us to offer products that exceed expectations.

For our large industrial fans, we offer several excellent options, including a propeller fan with capabilities of a maximum CFM of 117,800, maximum SP of .75 and maximum temperature of 180. Our Tubeaxial fan is just as impressive, producing a maximum CFM of 86,000, SP of 3, and temperature of 200. For large applications where maximum area coverage is essential, our large industrial fans get the job done, guaranteed.

In addition to more standardized industrial fans, NISCO offers an assortment of heavy-duty industrial ceiling fans when optimal circulation is mandatory. The higher air delivery coupled with a heavier-duty motor is what makes these fans the ideal choice for multiple situations, including cooling areas in the summer and de-stratifying heat in the winter. You can choose a fan with curved blades, making it easy to mount on ceilings of up to 25 feet, or for lower ceiling heights, our straight blade designed fans work best.

Even our warehouse ceiling fans surpass the competition. In particular for heat stratification, using the right high-quality fan is imperative. In this case, the fan recovers trapped warm air at ceiling height. Then, using the incredible blade span, air circulation gets equalized. As a result, heat also equalizes, and your employees have a more comfortable work environment. This also saves you a significant amount of money on cooling expenses.

At NISCO, we take pride in all of our perfectly engineered fans. Designed by experts for continuous use, these fans work exceptionally well in factories, storage facilities, plants, and warehouses where employees work shifts around the clock. Regardless of the NISCO fan, they are all built to last.

When in the market for a fan that boosts air to roof-mounted exhaust fans, our industrial ceiling fans offer exceptional value. Once installed, these NISCO fans help remove but also prevent condensation from collecting on ceilings as well as other draft-free applications.

Because industrial fans come in a broad range of types, sizes, and designs, it is important to speak with one of our professional sales experts who will help determine the best solution for your needs. To meet high-performance standards, you will never go wrong choosing a fan from NISCO.


Item Title Max CFM Max SP Max Temp
 Propeller Fans - Nisco Industrial Ceiling Fans 117,800 0.75 180

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