High Pressure Blowers

Just as the name implies, high-pressure blowers are a type of centrifugal fan that forces air out at a 90-degree angle. For vacuum systems, processing cooling, and various other operations with relatively high system resistances, these blowers are ideal. At NISCO, we supply top-of-the-line blowers from the best manufacturing companies in North America.

Multiple industries rely on the caliber of service and product that we offer, including agriculture, automotive, agricultural, graphic arts, marine, nuclear, pharmaceutical, transportation, and water treatment industries, among many others.

If you need a high-pressure blower but are unsure what to get, one of our expert team members will gladly show you the different types and their sizes, materials, and drives. That way, you will understand the various power ranges and characteristic curves, ultimately selecting the product that best fits your specific needs.

Compared to low- and medium-pressure blowers, our high-pressure blowers have far more velocity. At NISCO, we offer our customers several options:

  • Pressure Blowers – These blowers have a maximum CFM of 5,200, SP of 58, and temperature of 600.
  • Type HP Pressure Blowers – In this case, the maximum CFM is 20,000, SP 128, and temperature 600.
  • FRP Pressure Blowers – For this third type of blower, the maximum CFM is 5,000, SP 36, and temperature 250.

Due to our connections with reputable manufacturers in the US and Canada, we can provide our customers with uniquely designed blowers and fans, each producing different yet quality results. We also offer products based on application. If you need something to help dry grain, we have a High-Pressure Backward Curved Fan with a maximum CFM of 170,000, SP 40, and temperature 750. We have numerous Backward Inclined Fans, General Purpose Fans, Series 20 GI Fans, Compact GI Fans, Junior Fans, RTS Fans, Vaneaxial Fans, and AF30 Fans as well.

All of our blowers and fans have distinct benefits such as superior energy efficiency. With continual airflow, our centrifugal fans can generate energy up to 84 percent static efficiency. Especially if you need to sustain a larger air system, these fans are perfect.

Our products are durable and can operate in erosive and corrosive environments. You will appreciate just how easy our products are to maintain, some designed with a self-cleaning feature. We also have highly versatile fans that come in various sizes and styles. No matter what type of pressure blowers or centrifugal fans you are interested in, we are confident that we have the right solution.

High Pressure Blowers Max CFM Max SP Max Temp
 High Pressure Blowers Fans Pressure Blowers 5200 58 600
 High Pressure Blower Exporter in Canada Type HP Pressure Blowers 20,000 128 600
 Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) High Pressure Blower FRP Pressure Blowers 5000 36 250

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