FRP General Purpose Fume Exhausters

Known for superior blowers, fans, fume exhausters, and more, you cannot beat what we have to offer at NISCO. Our FRP general purpose fume exhausters, which have a maximum CFM of 73,000, SP of 17, and temperature of 250, are among the best available. Because the exhausters that we offer are rugged, they provide long-term service, perfect for both corrosive aerosol and fume applications.

We also offer several sizes ranging from 12 to 60 inches as well as multiple arrangements. Because of that, you will have no problem finding the exhauster that supports your specific needs. Constructed of “Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic” or FRP, you have the assurance needed that our general-purpose exhausters will provide superior and long-lasting service.

As part of our comprehensive line of high-quality products, we offer both standard and customized solutions that benefit a broad range of industries, including agriculture, automotive, cleaning, fertilizer, marine, mining, nuclear, pharmaceutical, power generation, transportation, and many others.

All of the fans, blowers, and exhausters that we offer to customers at NISCO come from the most trusted and respected manufacturers. Regardless of your industry, the products that we provide are dependable and capable of working for even the most demanding applications. If you need assistance choosing the right FRP general purpose fume exhausters or one of our other products, a professional team expert can help.

Design Features

The fume exhausters available at NISCO have smooth interior surfaces, which improves overall efficiency while reducing the potential for material buildup. These exhausters also have a flanged outlet design that is perfect for easy in-duct connection and a slip inlet that is ideal for a flexible-sleeve inlet connection. For seamless handling, our exhausters boast lift-eyes, and for structural durability and strength, they have a welded base made from heavy-gauge components.

You will also discover that all of the bolted FRP joints have Neoprene gaskets, while the exterior design includes an epoxy enamel coating. After assembling fans and exhausters, they receive a final trim balance check at a particular running speed. That way, we can guarantee that the product you purchase will not only meet NISCO but also industry standards.

We understand that for optimal performance, FRP general purpose fume exhausters must be excellent quality. The products that we offer at NISCO are perfectly designed so that the results meet if not exceed your expectations. For additional information on our exhausters as well as our other products, you can speak with a company representative.

Item Title Max CFM Max SP Max Temp
 FRP General Purpose Fume Exhausters FRP General Purpose
Fume Exhausters
73,000 17 250

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