Clean Air Axial Fans

Axial Fans

When it comes to ventilating and providing spot cooling for internal machinery components in areas where space limitation is an issue, axial fans can provide an effective solution. Axial fans are available in a variety of sizes as well as cubic feet per minute (CFM) ratings and voltages. Used to cool a range of machinery types, from copy machines to computers to industrial controllers, these fans are the perfect choice for engineering and manufacturing facilities.

Axial fans take their name from the way they direct air across an axis component in a linear direction. The blades in this type of fan force air to move in a parallel manner to the shaft on which the blades rotate.

Axial Fans versus Centrifugal Fans

Axial fans do not work in the same way as centrifugal fans. In the case of an axial fan, airflow is directed parallel to the shaft. By comparison, in a centrifugal fan, air is directed away from the blades. Additionally, the blades in a centrifugal fan may be straight, forward curved, or backward curved, depending on the type of application in which the fan will be used.

Although backward curved blades are actually more efficient than blades with a forward curved design, the latter offers the benefit of self-cleaning, which could prove to be beneficial in applications in which high dust concentration is an issue. The axial fan is the preferred choice for managing the thermal level of machinery and spot cooling.

An extensive selection of axial fans ensures there is the perfect option for a wide variety of applications.