A Review of Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives (VFD), which are also known as AC drives, frequency drives, inverters, speed drives, and micro-drives, are motor controllers capable of driving electric motors. The way this is accomplished is that the frequencies and voltages going to electric … Continue reading

What are FRP Fans?

FRP is the acronym for “Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic” so in the case of FRP fans, these units are designed for corrosive air movement applications. Depending on the model, the construction might include a backward curved wheel and have a controlled … Continue reading

Introduction to Electric Duct Heaters

Electric duct heaters are used around the world for industrial and commercial markets. Examples of heaters available include VAV equipment, air handling units, water source heat pumps, and light/heavy commercial rooftop units. When looking for duct heaters, it is imperative … Continue reading

The Way Gas Humidifiers Work

There are two primary types of gas humidifiers, flow-through and reservoir, both operated on natural or propane gas. With a flow-through type, water flows through the unit and then drains out while for a reservoir type a reservoir or water … Continue reading

Features Associated with Industrial Fans

Virtually every industrial depends on a fan or blower but in many cases, heavy-duty industrial fans are needed opposed to low and medium duty units. Within the industrial fan category are many different types of fans. Examples of Industrial Fans … Continue reading

Key Benefits and Features of Electric Humidifiers

Electric humidifiers are widely used in a range of industries and for various applications. For example, humidifiers are commonly used for residential, textile, woodworking, printing, static control, clean room, office, school, hospital, wine cellar, library, and museum purposes. In addition … Continue reading

Overview of American Coolair

American Coolair is a top-rated company that supplies ventilation products to agricultural, commercial, horticultural, and industrial markets all over the world. Since being founded, the company has strived to provide customers with excellent products at competitive prices by continuing to … Continue reading

Different Types of Actuators

Actuators are motors responsible for controlling or moving a system or mechanism. In order to operate, an actuator needs an energy source, which is usually hydraulic fluid pressure, electric current or pneumatic pressure, which works by converting energy into motion. … Continue reading